Book List

This is the complete book list for author MJ Fletcher. Click the links below to learn more about each title and to purchase from your favorite retailer.

The Doorknob Society Saga

The Doorknob Society- Book 1

The Impossible Engineers- Book 2

The Mapmakers Union- Book 3

The Detective-Inspectors- Book 4

The Skeleton Key Guild- Book 5

The Grimm Chronicles

The League of Skull & Bones

A Conclave of Shadows

Order of the Fallen

The Bigelow Diaries

The Knights of Electricity (Book 1)


The Cape Beanery Chronicles (Doorknob Society)

The Victorian Express (Doorknob Society)

A Candlestick Christmas (Doorknob Society)

Short stories

A Clockwork Christmas (Doorknob Society)

Comic Books

Adam Zero: The Last Man of Earth

Doorknob Society

Marshal Tyme Diaries

Adam Zero webcomic

Hero Initiative

Digital Webbing Presents